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Hot HIIT® is a low impact training system that combines high Intensity Interval training (HIIT) with pilates principles. This 60 minute workout incorporates muscle toning and cardio exercises in a room heated to approximately 98 degrees. The practice strengthens the core powerhouse muscles of the body  while burning fat  and calories - creating rapid results. 

Hot HIIT® is a full body workout set to upbeat music. Get ready to  sweat, workout with the beat of the music, and feel great!


Here's what you need to know to help you get started.

  • Classes are 60 minutes.

  • The "hot room" is heated to approximately 98 degrees, sweating is good!

  • Wear light weight, form fitting clothes.

  • Bring a mat, large towel, and water bottle. However, if you forget or don't have those items, they are all available to rent or purchase at the studio.

  • Arrive 15 minutes early your first day so our staff can get you signed up. However, space is limited, it would be best to sign up in advance to save your spot.

  • Classes will start exactly on time.

  • Be prepared to have a lot of fun!

the benefits 

  • Strengthen the core powerhouse muscles.

  • Increase stamina, endurance, concentration, & flexibility.

  • Burn fat & calories. 

  • Increase metabolism.

  • Gain & tone muscles. 

  • Build a healthier heart. 

  • Reduce blood sugar levels.

  • Your skin will never look better! 

  • All movements are low impact, protecting your joints and muscles.

  • Personal training in a group setting.

  • See results very quickly (get "phiit" fast)!

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