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join our next teacher training!

Next in-person portion of training

Bronxville, NY
February 25th & 26th
Training Dates: February 25th and 26th, 2023
Student Workshop: Feb 25th 12-2pm (followed by a 60 minute class)


During our HOT HIIT® Training you will learn:

· How to lead a HOT HIIT® class
· How to create your own custom HOT HIIT® class

· HIIT principles
· A variety of exercises through in depth posture clinics
· How to approach injuries and give modifications

· How to compose a playlist

Teacher training is $699 if you register before February 1st, $899 after. Must sign a licensing agreement to attend. Completion of training does not guarantee employment.


During our student workshop
you will learn:

· The correct position of your spine in different HOT HIIT® exercises

· Proper foot/ankle/hip alignment
· How to perform an effective push up
· How to properly incorporate weights into your

Training Dates: February 25th and 26th, 2023
Student Workshop: Feb 25th 12-2pm (followed by a 60 minute class)

practice ®
· How to breathe optimally in a HOT HIIT
· Modifications to make your practice stronger

You will then put your new knowledge to work in a special class, where we will begin with focus on the core.

Workshop 12–2pm
HOT HIIT®Class 2–3pm
Student workshop only is $249.

Interested in becoming an instructor?

Follow these steps and start your new career!

1. Let’s get to know one another. 

Fill out this application.

2. Schedule an audition.

Show us your form, musicality, and how you connect with others in the studio. If approved, you’ll begin our training program.

3. Online training.

Complete all levels of the online training. Once completed, we will evaluate if you are ready to move to the next level.

4. Practice.

Put what you’ve learned into action by teaching practice classes. You’ll receive ongoing mentoring, training, and support.

5. In-Person Training.

Train with your studio owner, or online with a head trainer.

6. Make It Official.

Get certified and start teaching!

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