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class offerings vary by location



HOT HIIT® 55 is a beat-based training system that combines High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT), muscle toning, and cardio with the healing properties of FAR Infrared Heat. HOT HIIT® burns fat and creates long, lean muscles, with rapid results. It strengthens your core, improves circulation, and increases flexibility.


HOT HIIT® is performed on a yoga mat. Low impact modifications are given for each exercise and each class is taught with an emphasis on mindful movement.


Through consistent practice, you will gain health and flexibility and increase neuromuscular control. This will lead to good posture and strength throughout your body.


HOT HIIT® Cardio-Xpress


Join the Sweat Xpress!


HOT HIIT® Cardio-Xpress moves quickly, with a greater cardiovascular influence than the original class. Through this method of movement, you will burn the maximum amount of calories in only 45 minutes. Modifications are given for each exercise, making it accessible to all fitness levels and ages.

HOT HIIT® Core Flow


Flow to the beat of your favorite songs!

HOT HIIT® Core Flow is a challenging combination of flow, core exercises, and stretch.This class is designed for all levels. Each flow section builds on the last, allowing you to move within your level of comfort and fitness.

We start slowly to build your foundation, and as your body opens, your pace gently increases. The class ends with restorative stretching.



Get to sweating with this 50 minute aerobic toning class!

We begin on your feet with a cardio warmup, then we transition into toning and strengthening your arms, lower body, and core with weights and bodyweight exercises. We end class with another power burst of cardio. 

Low impact modifications are given for each exercise, making it suitable for all fitness levels and ages.


Get sweaty at the barre!


We have combined classic Barre exercises with our signature FAR Infrared panels to give you the best burn ever. Tone your arms, glutes, legs, and core while getting all the sweaty benefits of working out in the heat.

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